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Planning your move — 4 weeks prior

From our experience in the industry we have thrown together a check list of things to do 4 weeks prior to your move to ensure a stress free relocation in the not too distant future:

  1. Contact your utility and service providers (internet, gas, Foxtel etc.) to arrange the date that these utilities need to be disconnected, and if required, reconnected at the new residence.
  2. Create a list of what needs to travel with you, including clothes, games for the kids, books, toiletries etc.  After this has been decided, ensure that it will all fit into your car as you don’t want to be waving good bye to the removalist truck to find that what is left does not fit in your car.
  3. Start disassembling any outdoor furniture or children’s play area’s that aren’t required in the weeks prior to the move, and check storage or garage areas for how much stuff needs to be packed up in there.
  4. Cancel any subscriptions (newspapers/magazines) and find new homes for plants that are not being relocated with you.
  5. If you haven’t started packing, START, idealistically a spare room or study can be utilized to store the packed boxes out of the way for few weeks left before the big day.

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